Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route is the only one on Kilimanjaro that starts on the West side of the Mountain. It begins at the gate of Londorossi and follows the natural relief with a smooth elevation that provides easy high altitude acclimatization. This natural acclimatization heightens the chances of a successful ascent. Moreover, Lemosho is considered the most scenery route on Mount Kilimanjaro. The path begins in the rainforest, then runs through the picturesque moorland and highland barrens of the Shira Plateau, converges with the Machame Route, and passing the Lava Tower and the Barranco Wall, rises on to the Barafu Camp – the spot after which the uppermost stretch lies – the way to Uhuru Peak.

Advantages of Lemosho

  • The best success rate among all routes – over 95% summiting rate on the 8-day Lemosho itinerary!
  • A high altitude drop off on 6- and 7-day itineraries. You will be spending your first night at the altitude that will help your body acclimatize more easily and efficiently.
  • One of the most picturesque routes on the Mount. The Shira Plateau boasts astonishing panoramic views of Kibo and Mawenzi. At night, from the Barranco Camp the lights of Moshi town look like a mirror under the African sky full of stars above it.

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